DJ1000 Beat FX on individual channels

I just received my DDJ 1000 and can’t figure out how to make the beat FX / hardware FX work on any other channels than the master channel. When i turn the dial to any specific channel nothing happens, only for the master channel which is not super useful for effects like echo etc.

Is there a setting or something in djay pro i need to enable or something?

Is there any progress in this question ??
Love to get more out of my DDJ-800 in algoriddim aswell  :slight_smile:


So far this is expected and mentioned on the bottom of our Hardware page:

*Some features are currently not supported by these controllers: DDJ-1000 (waveforms on jog wheel displays, D.Echo and Noise Sound Color FX, Beat FX on channels), XDJ-RX2 (performance pad LEDs), DDJ-RX/DDJ-RR (booth output), MCX8000 (displays).…

Aha, but will it be fixed?