DJ2 on Android with WEGO4 interface

Hello, my set up is DJ2 on a Oneplus 5 phone , WEGO4 controller connected with USB-C to USB A adapter.

When I launch DJ2 and turn on the WEGO4, I get the message “Do you want to open djay 2 when this USB device is connected?” . I click OK. Then the Pioneer Logo appears.

All seems well, except that the audio cannot be played . Some of the controls work OK and have an effect in the app (crossfader, pitch , EQs).

But for some reason, the app stays in a semi-frozen state and the tracks refuse to play. As soon as I turn off the WEGO 4 then the audio plays and the app works normally.

Has anybody experienced that ?

I would so sweet being able to use my Android phone and the WEGO4.


I have the same problem with the Google Pixel 2. Not working.