Dj2Go for iPad!!!

I brougth a new ipad 6th and a dj2gro 1 from Numark, in the software say is compatible, but when i plug the dj2go 1 with my ipad, say the cotroller is not compatible.

What can i do, can u update your app for make djs2go 1 compatible please?


They don’t care and they have not

Oh- the new subscription model version. I already bought the app (all versions for iPhone and iPad) and then all the in apps and now I read that the controller will work if you pay the fee monthly… lol. Gotta love it.
Glad it finally will work though. Thanks!

Hi Moises,

Thank you for your mail.

Please note that the DJ2Go by ION is iOS supported, not the the Numark DJ2Go.

We are very sorry for the misunderstanding.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Hi guys,

The Numark DJ2GO is natively supported by our latest iOS app djay for iOS.

Lukas E.

But in the pass i use dj2go by numark and i can see old videos using dj2go. Y numark.

Did not realese a update for dj2go by numark?