Dj2Go Touch support on Android

As the topic says, please give support for the Numark Dj2Go Touch (and other midi controllers too) within the Android version. I bought the Android app after using the Dj2Go Touch controller with my iphone. Now I discover, I can’t route the audio through the soundcard of the controller & I’ve got no midi controller support either. I bought the Android version expecting it to work the same as on the iphone. I actually bought a 8inch Android tablet specifically for this too!! This is soooooo disappointing!! I feel like this has just been a massive waste of time & money! What did I pay for?

Unfortunately even the supported controllers do not work with android. They too have an audio routing problem. Currently only master output works so you cannot pre cue the next track with headphones.

This issue seems to have been around for years, despite Algoriddim saying that certain controllers are natively supported and there is still no sign of a fix.

I purchased the reloop beatpad which is supposedly supported and a Samsung Tab S7+ purely for djaying. This combination is absolutely useless to me so I’ve wasted so much money through misinformation.

I have also tested on Samsung Note 10, Sony Xperia 1, Sony Xperia 10 and Sony Xperia premium. All have the same issue.

Other people on here have experienced the problem with

Samsung, (other devices to mine ie S21, S22, tab S6 etc)