djap PRO on iOS dropout issue (not enough RAM)?

iOS 11.2.6
iPad Air 2
djay Pro for iPad version 1.0.11
Spotify Integration (primarily playing off Spotify playlists)

About 1.5 hours into a three hour youth dance I had the system freeze up (so to speak). I was playing a song that loaded just fine (albeit slowly) and then it just stopped playing about 30s into the song…then would start again without any rhyme or reason…then stop again…then start again. I was loading a second song at that time and the second song seemed frozen during the load process. Wave form only partially indicated and not building to any degree.

This has happened to me a number of times. Each time it hits at about 2 hours and it usually is preceded by songs that seem to load real slow. If I see a song that is starting to load real slow then I know I am going to have audio dropout either in the song I am loading or the one that I am playing.

I am almost certain its a RAM issue but cannot confirm. It has happened to me using a strong wifi and/or LTE connection. Closing the app doesn’t help. I usually have to do a soft reboot of the iPad a few times to get it functioning again.

Here is what I have attempted to do to alleviate the concern (prior to the event):
* Free up space (giving at least 2GB…this last dance I was actually at 5GB free)
* Delete and reload Spotify
* Delete and reload djay Pro for iPad (actually didn’t do this last time as I think it makes it worse)
* Make Spotify playlists offline (so they are downloaded to the device)

Songs that have never been played on djay Pro seems to be more problematic as the system begins to load the song and evaluate the waveform (loading is super slow). Same issue though happens on songs I have played many times in djay Pro for iPAD (although they tend to load faster…they will start to slow down…then I will have the audio dropouts).

Anyone else have this happening to them? Thoughts on how to resolve?

Hi Monty,

thank you for your post and we are very sorry that this happened.

During the 2 hours did you DJ by playing track by track or did you use the Automix?
I am asking in order to get further information for a testing suit we are setting up.

Is the app freezing and also shutting down, closing?

Hi Lukas,

I was playing track by track. I think the automix issue may be related as they seem to be very similar.

I guess you can say the app freezes…but most of the time you wouldn’t know it unless you heard the dropped audio or saw that the waveform had stopped loading or slowed significantly. The app seems to behave normally otherwise.

I don’t believe the app has ever crashed completely…but I may have attempted to restart the app before I got to this point.