DJAY 1 - decks dont spin?

Hi I purchased DJAY 1 for my iPad last year before it was pulled from the App Store, I have just got the iDJ pro and luckily i could still download the original DJAY app as I only have the iPad 1, so I re-downloaded the app from my previous purchases in iTunes and all works and looks great, except when I load tracks into the decks the song plays but none of the decks spin, this is very frustrating as I have no visual cue of what deck is playing and run the risk of inserting a song into the playing deck!!

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this could be happening?

Thank you

My iPad 1 is running iOS 5.5.1
I have the final version of DJAY before DJAY 2 came out.

Hi Brian,

Have you tried restarting the app?