DJay 1 not available in app store?

Have 1st gen iPad and purchased Djay 2 for $10. However you can only install Djay 2 on an iOS 6+ device. Since iPad 1 is limited to only iOS 5. I now have a worthless app. What can’t all app versions be available like every othe developer!

Hi Michael,

I am really sorry for the misunderstanding. Please note though, that the App Store description of djay 2 clearly states that iOS 6 or better is required.

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to give you a refund directly. Please contact Apple Support and kindly ask for a refund.

Hi John, you can still download djay 1 if you already bought it. Please see here:…

I agree with Mike about the original app being in (almost) perfect working order. I have the 2nd gen IPad, and also have both versions of the DJay app. I prefer playing on the original app, where the FX are much better and predictable. I find that I end up with a cleaner sounding session. The fact that the original app contains all of my original cue points on the almost 3,500 songs that took me a year and a half to personally set doesn’t hurt either.

Although I like where they are heading with DJay 2 (I’ll be a true believer when all the bugs and inconsistencies are corrected), I will not give up the original DJay app. I am also afraid to update my IPad to to IOS7 because of fear it may truncate my ability to use the original app.

Go to app store-> purchased and search djay (version 1)

That only works if you had bought it previously. I never bought the original only DJAY2. Why can’t it be like the Traktor app the automatically downgrades you to a compatible version for the iPad 1. It quite a flaw to have people spend $10 on an app that they can’t install. The iOS6+ requirement is not listed anywhere on the website. False advertising IMO.

I guess I will do that then. Seems weird that a perfectly good app would be discontinued, especially with the many problems people are experiencing with the new version. I will have to buy Traktor instead. Their development team has figured out how to make compatible software.

Hey Warren,

Why would you guys not have both apps available? You can sell both and make money still. Seems silly to end of life a good app. BTW the app store says that you need iOS6+ but your website does not. Kind of a critical piece of information missing huh? Can you guys please just let us choose which app version we want to use?!?

I agree with mike aswell i paid for the full version of djay then latter got rid of it and now today went to get it again and it doesn’t exist

this is so stupid, try as i may, i can’t see why you had to stop offering the original app, makes no sense to me!!!