Djay 2.5 and iDJpro

Hi, anyone else had any issues with the cue dropping out on Djay 2.5 when using an idjpro. I was testing one of the new effects and it just stopped. Only way to get it back working again was to restart the unit. The main volume was fine. Tried changing tracks. Checked both side but it had completelygone.

Also I maybe missing something, but is there a wet / dry control anywhere when using the idjpro I mean on the screen not on the hardware. As it appears this feature is available when playing just on the ipad but not when attached to the hardware. Might just be me.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for contacting us.

Can you please explain the issue further? Wet/Dry is currently not available for the iDJ Pro (there is no wet/dry knob on the iDJ Pro).

Hi Craig,

Do you recall what you were doing before the issue occurred? Have you tried disconnecting and re-connecting the iDJ Pro and/or restarting djay?

My cueing just went out! I can get it to barely work after restarting the iDjPro with Djay open, but it’s not sounding clear and has a lot of gain in the headphone. May have been the last update on Dec 08, 2014 2.7.2