Djay 2.8 Update gets rid of useful features

Updating to Djay 2.8 on my iPad 2 air has made this app worse. You would think updates would be to improve things but not in this case. They have now got rid of all of the useful functions available in the queue list. You can no longer preview songs that are in your queue or swipe to delete. These were features that I used on a daily basis. I also don’t understand the point of moving the history folder. It looks like they have made this worse so you purchase the new Djay pro for iPad. Please change it back to what it use to be.

Thanks Jeff. Yes it is just with the queue list but thanks for the info above. I’m sure it will help others.

Please return back this feature ! In Djay Pro preview in queue works. It seems it is not bug on Djay 2 - it was removed intentionaly.

Make sure you are viewing the library in full screen mode by clicking on the expand arrows as shown in picture.

Then tap on the icons on the right side of the screen as shown.

Then the preview bar appears.

Took me some time to find this. I hope it helps.


Ah, sorry I’ve read your post wrong I think. Your issue is just with the queue list, not the library view.

Ah well. I hope they sort it out.


Hey Guys!

This issue will be fixed in the next update. It will be available soon!
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and kindly ask for patience in the meantime!

Best Regards,