DJay 2 - Advanced BPM analysis gone?

Hi there,

It’s been a while since I’ve had a mix on DJay 2 on the iPad. I seem to remember an option where you can get a more detailed BPM analysis at the expensive of a longer processing time. I can’t seem to find that option anymore.

The reason I’ve noticed, is that with my last mix it seemed to only accurately detect the BPM of about 60% of my tracks. Now of course I can manually adjust by ear, but it’s not always straightforward to do on the iPad when you’re in the mix.

Did I dream this option or did it never exist?

Using iPad Air 2. DJay 2. MP3s loaded via iTunes.



This was the first one I could find…

But like I said - there were a lot of tracks that didn’t read correctly

You didn’t actually answer my question - did there used to be a more advanced BPM matching option?

Hi Greg,

thank you for your feedback.
We are sorry that songs of you got analysed falsely.

Please note that songs which change their tempo in the song and specific genres are harder to analyse.

Could you name us exemplary songs which are being analysed falsely?

Lukas E.

Hi Mr Brainz,

no there were no further BPM options you could choose from.
Could you send us the file via

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.