djay 2 album art bugs and Automix shortcomings

I understand that djay 2 on Android is still quite limited but it does have a few noticeable issues:

  1. When Automix loads a Spotify track from the queue to a deck, the album art is not shown on the vinyl, just a generic algoriddim record label. Manually loading to the deck, even with Automix on, correctly loads the picture. I can’t say if this is the same with local music files as I have only used Spotify tracks thus far.
  2. The Transition Duration for Automix doesn’t factor in that a longer transition also needs to begin earlier if you don’t want to run out of track during transition. Currently, a 30-second transition will still begin at -00:10 and the song is over while the other deck is still slowly being faded in. In djay Pro (Windows) you can at least specify “Duration” and “Start transition seconds before reaching end of song” and avoid this by setting Duration shorter than the other. djay 2 should at least consider starting the transition so it get’s done by -00:00, or even better, offer it as a setting. I usually want the mix done 15 to 30 seconds before the track end to avoid going into a slow outro.
  3. When running out of Spotify tracks in the queue, Automix will randomly load only local audio files to the deck; in my case these are audio clips from installed apps and ringtones. It should perhaps continue like “Automix Radio” does on djay Pro and continue to load suitable matches from Spotify rather than local ringtones.
  4. Allow Automix to mix a playlist or genre song list in addition to just the queue, or at least allow bulk adding all songs from a search or playlist to the queue rather than one-by-one. In this case, clearing the whole queue would also be great rather than having to do it one song at a time as it currently stands.

Hi Fred,

Thank you for your feedback.
All listed issues are on our agenda, we want to thank you for pointing them out.

I pushed the issues internally and we want to assure you that we are working on an Android update.