Djay 2 an idj pro not working properly

When placing hand on the toggle wheel the track keeps playing. If or when I try to scratch, the music jus keeps playing or slows down or speeds up. When I scratch on the beat it skips forward or jumps to other parts of the track. At times the toggle wheel does nothing. Sometimes I hold the track by placing my hand on the wheel, an soon as my other hand touches the crossfader the track begins to play, an my hand is still on the wheel. All this occurred with the update to ios7. I’m using ipad 2. Here’s the video:

Hi Prince,

Do you have another iPad with which you can test your iDJ Pro?

Hi Jacqueline,

Sorry, not sure I’m following you. Please open the App Store app on your device and go to “Purchases”. Is there a cloud icon next to djay?

Fix the issues with djay 2 and iDJ Pro on iOS 7 guys!!?

I just made a mix first using djay 2 and it sounded like crap because of all the issues so I had to redo it. I used djay 1 next and it was just as bad!

Please get this fixed quick Algoriddim, I have a 6 hour halloween gig and I can’t go with all these issues.

one more problem…

I am running Djay 2 on iPad 2 iOS 7.0.2 Numark iDj pro.
This setup was working fine until updating iOS and Djay 2.
Now experiencing sever latency across all controls.
Pretty much unusable.
Almost bricked.

I’m not getting my day icon since I run ios7 need my money back please

hmmm just found this posting, mine is doing roughly the same, it will load a track and when I manually cue up a track, set the cue point and hit play, off the track will go, putting my finger on the top of the jog wheel STOPS the track and it will not restart no matter what buttons I press, it will only play if you hold your finger on the top of the jog wheel… this is random on either deck…

Any solution to this yet, is ipad, idj or a numark problem… frustrated or what…

The silence is sometimes deafening, albeit I am aware it’s difficult to pin point a needle in a haystack, is it iOS is it the iPad itself or just the do pro app… Posted over at Numarks forum, not a peep from them either.

As it is the whole setup is just a doorstop, just can’t trust it for paying gigs which is a shame as I’ve had many positive comments from clients regarding how cool it looks and “where’s all the CDs!”

There seems to be enough feedback for some comment as to where the problem lies and how to fix it.

Well I think I’ve made a breakthrough of my own, in my case it’s an earthing problem… Touching the phono plug outer casing (earth) with my finger all the problems go away, the power supply that is provided is a double insulated one so the numark Dj pro is floating above ground and I suspect the power supply wasn’t the first priority and is just a generic unit, I will when I get the time put the power on a scope and see how dirty it is, but for now I will short out the chassis to ground and see if that solution sticks.

Same here. Very disappointing! There was an update on the 8th and I was so excited! But guess what? It didn’t fix anything!! :frowning:

Whats the answer Algoriddim???

Actually that seemed to work. Now that I think about it, When I was having most of the issues is when I had it plugged directly to an outlet.

Still BS… but I can work around it.

Thanks man! Just saved me a headache return to amazon…

I was facing all kind of problems in my unit… So i decided to use an power stabilizer and everything is working fine now… try to do this or use a exclusive power outlet for your unit. I was reading in another forum someone saying about this issue with the power adapter!
It works for me!