Djay 2 and Lightning USB drives for iPad?

Will Djay 2 work with the new lightning USB drives that connect directly to the iPad?Since these are not streaming devices I would think they would work natively in Djay instead of having to use a third-party app to open the files. Would like to know ASAP before I pull the trigger on one of these drives.

If they do this would be a great way to use Djay without having to buy wireless drives or deal with complicated workarounds.

Just wondering what ever came of this. Did anyone ever figure out a way to use the iPad with an external drive AND a controller?

Hi there,

thank you for your post. Using external USB storage devices is possible, it depends on what they are supporting via their file managing application.
To check whether other 3rd party apps would be supported in djay, please ask the app manufacturer whether it supports the “Document Provider” App Extension.

If that is the case, you can use the application via the “My Files” library.

For further information please see this.

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

We want to inform you that with iOS 13 and our latest version of djay for iOS, iOS supported storage devices are fully accessible directly in djay for iOS.

Lukas E. 

Any chance of Algoriddim employees chiming in here???
On the outside this doesn’t seem like it should be that complicated as other DJ programs allow you to see content stored on USB drives.

The storage capacity on most iOS devices even the newest ones is inadequate by most DJ standards. The ability to access all your music including those on USB drives and not just iTunes and Spotify would make this a serious contender as a full-time DJ solution. This would take the Djay 2 app to a truly professional level.

I have been a DJay 2 user for a few years now and would really like to use this as more than just a back up solution. I am quite sure that there has to be more than a few community members that feel as I do in this matter.

Thanks Lukas for the quick reply. This is certainly good news if it works out.

Did have one concern as far is using a controller such as the IDJpro by Numark, if the lightning port is being used up by the drive is there some kind of adapter that would also let you connect to this controller? Sort of like a dual port connector or a pass-through connector that would let you hook up to the controller and the lightning drive

I have a problem also I have the Omars 64gb lighting flashdrive and i cannot get the DJ2 to look at the drive.

Also interested in this…was there any luck???