Djay 2 and pioneer ddj wego2

I updated djay and now the wego 2 won’t work it is so frustrating because I it was all very expensive. It was working fine when I first got the app but since the update it says that it does not support it any more I spent over $400 dollars on it and the software.


Sorry to hear that. Please kindly provide more information so we can better assist you.

  • Which iPad do you have?
  • Which iOS version is running on your iPad?
  • Which djay version are you using? Please tap the gear icon and scroll down to determine the version number.
  • Which firmware version is installed on your WeGO 2?…
  • What exactly happens when you try to connect the WeGO 2 to your iPad?
  • What is the exact error message? Please send a screenshot.

I had significant problems with my WeGo 2 and iPad at first. For me it turned out that it was the boot order.

Pioneer has a very specific order that things need to be started up in. If you don’t do it correctly, things don’t work.

  1. Turn on your ipad
  2. Connect your WeGo 2 to it’s power supply and connect it to the iPad
  3. Turn on the WeGo 2 and let it go through it’s boot up light show while connected to the iPad.
  4. Start the Djay app
  5. The Pioneer logo should pop up within a second or so.

It took me 2 weeks to figure this out. I was on the verge of demanding a refund from Pioneer but found these instructions on their website and it made everything better.

can it work on android