djay 2 and pioneer xdj r1

i’d love djay2 for ipad to work with my pioneer xdj-r1 or even would consider djay for mac if we could get some midi mapping support. Great app hope to see it expanding out to other controllers in the very near future.

You can try to use it via “MIDI learn” with djay for Mac. Simply open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu to map your controller.

Any news on this? My XDJ-R1 has turned up and I really would like a Djay map for mac and/or iPad!

I don’t need it to work wireless I just wanted to be able to controller the xdj r 1 from my mac

I did midi map but the pitch is glitchy and if you push the jog wheels fast it keep spinning i would really like a Djay map for mac and iPad

i had try the MIDI learn for the xdj-r1. but working not good.