Djay 2 Android + Google Pixel 2 or Google Nexus 5X doesn't work

I have a Pixel 2 and my wife has a Nexus 5X.

I connect my Pixel 2 by the with my smartphone included (and OTG enabled) USB-TYPE C to TYPE A converter to the USB-TYPE B connection on the back of my Pioneer WeGo4. Sometimes the Djay 2 software on my Pixel 2 detects the Pioneer WeGo4 and shows the ‘Pioneer Dj’ logo in red. After that I have to wait for some time to let the animations of the records and sliders work.

It then can control Djay 2 via the WeGo4 but don’t have any sound. Not on the master output and not on the headphone output on the WeGo4.

When I connect my wifes Nexus 5X, I have sound though my headphones connected to the WeGo4 but it is very, very bad. A lot of distortion, it’s not usable.

Can anyone confirm if they have Djay 2 on Android working with the Pixel 2 of Nexus 5X in combination with the WeGo4 controller?

I bought the WeGo4 because the website of algoriddim stated it would be compatible with Djay 2. But in the end I now have this problem which makes me disappointed.