DJAY 2 cannot log in to Spotify

Hi Folks,

Hoping someone can help. I am stuck in a loop when I try and pick a song from a Spotify playlist.

I have an S7 Edge, a Spotify Premium account (email log in, not facebook) and DJAY 2.

Here is what I am doing;

  1. I open DJAY 2 on my S7
  2. I press the button in DJAY 2 to select the track
  3. I am taken to a screen where I am asked to log in to Spotify (seems successful)
  4. Select a track from a playlist (all my playlists are there)
  5. and at this point, it goes wrong. I am looped back to log back in to Spotify (3). I never get to see the track loaded in DJAY2

Hopefully, someone out there has seen this before!

Many Thanks