Djay 2 can't load any ALAC tracks. loadingTrackFailedTitle is all I get.

loadingTrackFailedTitle - The number of audio channels (0) is not supported. How come I get this message every time I try to load ALAC track in? This app was promised to support all the major audio formats. Only MP3 and Spotify works. I have Samsung Galaxy S8 and almost all my music is ALAC. And I paid for this s*it!


Thank you for getting in touch.

We hear you loud and clear, rest assured that we care about all our users across all platforms.

While we never make commitments about when we release certain features on certain platforms we do have a strong roadmap for all of our applications.

Algoriddim support tells me for years its on their new feature list (or how they call it), but now, years later, ALAC support is still not implemented.
I’m running my sets on iPad, and ALAC is the standard high quality / Lossless format. So weird why it is not supported with djay “pro” , while it is supported on all other pro dj apps on iPad.
Just supporting mp3 and spotify format is not that “pro”.
It is disappointing.

I have the same problem. I have a Galaxy 9 Tablet.
Was this case resolved?