Djay 2 does not create a history list, when used with Pioneer Wego 3. Track's won't mark.

No track markings. No history list when using the wego 3. Latets ios, latest Djay 2.

Same issue with Reloop Beatpad. Sometimes it does not create history. Latest Djay 2 on iPad Air. The older versions had not have this problem.

It happens every time I’m using the controller. It saves only my sessions that is made without the controller. And on top of that, I have no sound from master output, when I turn on my controller before i lounch the app. These are new bugs, I’m ising this setup more then 1.5 years and never had issues like this.

I never used the crossfader with controller, and worked before. But that makes sense, i use the cf when using the app without beatpad. That’s why it saves history then. So this is a new bug (or feature).

I hope they get back to the previous functionality, because now it is useless.

I think most of the djs not using crossfader for mixing. You have much better control with volume faders. And on the other hand i am using my crossfader in cut mode for scratching, so it is not very useful for mixing. Please revert back to the original history handling.

Still the same behaviour with the new update. Please change it!

F*ck. I just brought my beatpad in for repair, because no master out???

Fixed for Wego 3.

I was not using the cross-fader when mixing. When you use the cross-fader, history will be recorded.

Don’t know about the beatpad yet, as its still gone for repairs.

Solution is for pioneer wego3. Don’t know for the beatpad. I’ll check when its back from repairs.

Well, beatpad is back. No hardware fault. You indeed have to launch Djay 2 first, then connect/switch on the beatpad. Happy i got it working again.

I do not like it so much, i have to use the crossfader, to make Djay create a history list / mark tracks. I always mix with chanel faders.

I use it now, cause i have to, but prefer not to. Chanel faders for me!

I am learning to mix with the crossfader. There is no way to tell when or if it gets changed back to how it was.

Thank you so much for this tip! It works superb!

Thank you for sharing. I will give it a try after my holidays.

Someone tried the beatpad? And if so, do you see any changes in the layout on the screen, when the beatpad is connected?

Yes, the history is only written once the crossfader is moved from one side to the other.
What do you guys think about this? Aren’t you using the crossfader at all?

You’re right! We paid attention to your post: since the latest update, the mixing History also considers Line-Fader mixing.

Check it out!

Same problem using DJ Wego 2 and iPad Air 1
I think this change suddenly appeared in a recent update of DJay 2.

Also I can create the same problem if I just replicate the same senario on the iPad standalone… History works fine using channel faders. Then just give the cross fader a nudge and then the channel faders now don’t count as registering that the track has played in the history. It then functions that you must move the cross fader fully to one side to register a tick in history.

BUT Then if you reload the track, but press play on it when the channel fader is NOt on Zero, it Will register as a play tick in the history.

Yes please can we have previous history functionality as I do all my mixing using the channel faders only, then I use the cross fader only occasionally.

Hi Adrian

Using the channel faders gives great control of the volume of the 2 tracks blending together. I usually go a whole gig without touching the crossfader.

Unfortunately even if I don’t touch the crossfader the WeGo does send some movement info and so throws the situation into the one described above where you then MUST move the crossfader fully to one side to register ticks in the history. Which I have been trying to remember to do but is really annoying when I then bring up the channel fader and I’ve forgotten that I’ve left the crossfader to one side (rather than in the middle which is where it normally lives for me)

I probably could just get used to this problem if it wasn’t that it has changed functionality in a recent DJay version update. Can you check how things function on previous versions??

The previous functionality Defintiely was that if any track put some sound out to the main outputs then that would register a tick in the history (whether that was either by bringing up the channel fader or using the crossfader)

Hope you guys can sort this out in the next update!

Great, thanks.