DJay 2 doesn't ignore 'The' in playlist view

Very impressed with DJay 2 but one key thing for me has been missed which is the sorting of artists when viewing in Playlist mode. All artists which begins with The (e.g. The Smiths, The Strokes, The Cure etc.) are all filed down under ‘T’.

For me, this is quite inconvenient and appears to be simply something that’s been missed rather than a new feature needed. Can his be fixed in the next software upgrade please?

Hi Jamie,

Sorry for the late reply. I somehow didn’t receive a notification when this thread was posted.

Anyway, I just tested on my iPhone with iOS 7 and djay 2.2 and it works fine when I sort by “Artists”. “The” is being ignored as expected.

Which iOS version do you have? Also, please check in the “Music” app and see how it’s being treated there.

You’re right. I’ll check with our developers and get back to you.

Check the tracks in iTunes, there’s a tab called “Sorting” i think that lets you specify how the Title and Artist names are sorted.

Yeah that does sound like a bug then.

I’m the opposite, I don’t want my artist names sorted by “Name, The”, I want it “The Name”. ITunes defaults to using “Name, The” so I’ve had to edit all the tracks manually.

Have you tried using iTunes to edit a track and specify the exact sort order that you want?

Did any of the Algoriddim staff see this? Any fix?

Thanks for the response Warren. I’m running the latest iOS on iPad 3 with DJay 2 version 2.2.1

I still have the problem. It’s not in artist view which you confirmed. It’s actually in playlist view. ‘The’ is correctly ignored in artist view, but I heavily use playlists (lots of different genres and sub genres) and when that is sorted by artists it includes ‘The’. I have DJay 2 on iPhone and that’s fine. DJay 1 on the iPad is also fine.

Paul, I’m not sure this is an iTunes thing as all my artists are ok when looking at the playlists on there. Just seems to be the playlists on DJay 2 only, frustratingly.

I’ve not really used the sorting options in iTunes a whole lot. I have too much to edit if I did want to get more sophisticated with it though.