DJay 2 for iPad is great!

I hope you will continue developing it!

(it needs some cosmetic stuff (dark keyboards when typing for example) and improved library handling (tags, keywords, etc etc). Other than that it’s all hunky dory.

I’m TOTALLY uninterested in DJay Pro… That’s why I hope DJay 2 for iPad is continued… I’d happy to pay for a DJay 3 for iPad as long as I don’t have to use the DJay Pro version…

To be honest, it’s mostly a visual thing. I like the focus on the “vinyl” decks.
Also it seems it’s moving in the direction of more effects and lots of modern stuff I don’t want or need.
I DJ song based music, and lots of older music. So looping, beat syncing etc, is just not interesting for me.
I don’t even use the FX in Djay 2 and DJay Pro just seem to be more of the stuff I don’t need with a more boring modern look.

DJay 2 is very close to be perfect as it is. I just wish more work was done in the song library. I never plan my sets, they are always improvised.
Would be great if you could create lists, tag songs in different ways and other ways to keep your library easily accessible…

Hi Dimitri Zigany,

thank you very much for the nice feedback and also about your ideas how to improve the application.

It would be very interesting to know why you are not interested in djay Pro, I don’t want to push you to use the app, it is just helpful in order to improve our software in general. Can you tell us why you prefer djay 2 and what you don’t like about djay Pro?

Thank you very much.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you Dmitri Zigany, I understand your position.
We are happy that you feel good with djay 2, it is always up to the taste of the user but if don’t feel distracted by the additional features you are not using everything is fine, am i right? :slight_smile:

Regarding your library feedback, we are aware of the limited managing features but unfortunately this is always a trade off between djay and the features provided by the operating system.

I processed your feedback internally and will keep you posted about additional changes.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Dmitri have you try downloading the Djay2 iPhone version onto your iPad? I agree with your comments but I’ve just found very frustrating to use the"equaliser, Fx, loop" function on the iPad version as it’s way so small.
Everything is bigger on an iPad screen compared to an iPhone right?

So according to what you describe it and the reasons why you like and prefer DJay2 instead of DJ pro, I would recommend you give it a go.
It’s so cool and so easy to use as all the functions and knobs are displayed much bigger. Let me know what you think. Thanks


Here is a picture below to illustrate my comment