Djay 2 - FX should have on/off button and wet/dry fader

On djay 1 and 2 the effects are harsh and volume drops drastically. It would be great if they could add an effect volume, essentially a wet/dry fader. the echo effect would sound more natural if there was a pre fader on/off switch. So you could echo just certain beats or words without the echo sounding like its abruptly cut off. It would resolve this ongoing issue and I’m sure there would be a lot more smiley djay users. :slight_smile: Great work otherwise on djay2.


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A Wet/ Dry for the Effects a must!.

The wet/dry is an absolute must. The Phaser and Flanger are much to harsh (in and out) to use. The effect itself is good it just pops in and drops off to drastically. I am using the IDJ Pro but a wet/dry implemented on the ipad interface would be acceptable. BTW you guys at algoriddim really got somethin here. I use Traktor and Serato and I am loving this interface. Library,Loops, Filters and transport are all spot on. This wet/dry would take this app to another level. Please consider this. On another note there seems to be a lot of distortion on the Gater effect from center to the right. This is not the case in the other direction( from center to the left it is clean).

It does not have a wet dry knob, Only a parameter knob and for that reason I returned my IDJ Pro yesterday to guitar Center.

I would like to add that the new version of DJAY 2 has added a wet/ dry fader( at least on the IPAD version, I can’t speak for Macbook version). The wet/dry knob is in the Manual fx window. Good job Algoriddim!

You can turn off the limiter under Preferences > Advanced.


same here… I really miss the Wet/Dry knob…
By the way, I didn’t find the way to edit… access the third FX setting… which is " gate " by default…
And the ECHO need a 3/4 note ( Triolet ) Setting = “4t” Such groove killer :slight_smile:

Hi there,

DJAY 4.2.3 is there, and the drop of volume, using effects is gone ! :slight_smile:
No wet/dry knob though… and there is some kind of “limiter” now on the master…?
Globally, the sound of the master output is not as good as the others competitors… but i really like this software.
Still missing the ECHO in 3/4 note, to get more vibes… and being able to switch between different kind of Filter EQ’s, would be awesome… like more cutting effect at the very end of each equilizer knob… I really like the default ones in traktor. BUT there’re plenty of things i would really miss if i would go for traktor… ( play/stop vintage style effect… on/off button vintage effect is terrific for transitions too… and looping in real time in the song… yummy
So keep up the developpement guys, U 're rocking !

Thanks, for the update ! Finally, you’re taking care, of “Macbook”-“pro” users of DJAY .

Just to let you know, i’m using the little Kontrol X1 Mk2 with DJAY, and my little apogee duet as sound card.
very simple efficient combo with my macbook pro.


After some more testing, ( we’re able to open both DJAY 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 at the same time… same tracks… same gains… same Eqs… ) I’m going back to 4.2.2, because of the “unfortunately” lifeless brand new Limiter “ISH” sound coming from master output of Djay 4.2.3. It’s killing the sound man ! really bad pumping effect, and i take care of my gains knob. instant amateurish IOS quality sound effect, if you know what i mean… so Cheap… lifeless.

Too bad…

Please !

implement an ON / OFF Master out Limiter switch-button ASAP !


That would be great if we could set an Audio Unit plugin, on the master output ( for both turtables )

Right on.


I asked about this in February!…

I’m surprised there aren’t more complaints about the “in your face” quality of the effects. I love using the effects for transitions and such but they are brutally harsh.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to slowly bring in the Echo over 8 measures?!? Then as the next song is taking over, just ramp up the echo while crossfading…I’m salivating just talking about it.

buy idj pro and u will have one lol


I still want this… some day perhaps…