DJAY 2 iCloud - can not play downloaded MP3

Most of my files that I upladed will play fine after downloding to my iPAD.

Some files wont play - errormessage :“File could not be opened - please upgrade to the latest operation system version” (translated from german).

I have downloaded these files in Itunes on my PC and found that they are all .MP3 while the ones that can be played are .m4a. Itunes shows the status “transferred” for MP3 files - I guess they were not found and needed to be uploaded to Apple.

Can we please confirm that files that iTunes Match can not find in Itunes will currently not play in Djay. The play fine in Apples Music app though.


Hi Sascha,

Please provide more information so we can better assist you.

  • Which iOS version is running on your iPad?
  • Do I understand you correctly that you’re using iTunes Match?
  • In the Music app, do you see iCloud icons next to the songs?
  • Have you tried deleting and re-downloading the song via Music app?
  1. Swipe your finger on the song (in the Music app).
  2. Hit “Delete”.
  3. Tap the cloud icon to re-download the song.
  4. Try playing it again with djay.

Can you play it with other music apps on your iPad?

In this case, please send an email to our support team so we can further investigate the issue: support(at)


I’m using IOS 7.1 .

Yes, it’s uploaded using iTunes Match. The original is a MP3 file.

Yes, I can see the I cloud icon when it’s not downloaded to the iPad. Deleting it and redownloading it would not solve the issue.



“Denon Audio” will play the track. It will not play files from Itunes Match that have not been downloaded.

Here’s the screenshot: