DJAY 2 IDJPRO viewing list big problem

I use Djay2 ten hours now…
But, when you choose a list or a “kind of music” you can not sort by album !!!
Djay1 make that possible… so please let the album sort possible.

When you select list,artists,albums… the name are CUT !!! like Djay 1 !!!
Why not making the split menu (in the right) disapeer after the choose in order to have full displaying… or like other app with 2 lines per tracks…

Thx and good job…

the library are tuen to horiontal every time


Thanks for your continued support!

We already enlarged the area for song titles. Is this still too short??

You can also use the Instant Preview feature to quickly listen in…

I agree bigfred, the names are still cut which really sucks!

I install ios7 and idjpro WORK but i try it only for 10 min.
Tittle songs still cut !!!
It’s not a new library !!!

We have been brining this up for awhile now, there is a work-around, which is, if you have two tracks and can’t tell, add them both to the queue, then switch to the queue where you can see a lot more of the name. (this only works with full-screen iDJ Pro view)

Yes it is still too short. It is fine if not using the iDJ pro but if you go to playlists or albums when using the iDJ pro it is still cut short, although the smaller font has helped a bit but not enough.

I agree. So etimes I have to edit the track name for clean versions vs explicit. I can’t always tell because that part is cut off from display.