Djay 2 IOS 8.2 Bluetooth connection problem with DJAY2

Ever since I upgraded my Iphone 6plus with IOS 8.2, I have a connection problem when the app resume the music. If my music is playing and I turn off the ignition, Djay 2 would stop the music. When I start the ignition again, Djay 2 would start the music but I can only hear one side of my speaker. This is only a problem with Djay2 app as my other players on my iphone connect fine to both speakers.

Thank you. Just a heads up, Turn on and then off the " Headphone Spit Cue" fixes the issue which what I have been doing to fix the issue for now qithout having to restart the aoo.

As long as the app stays open and it reconnects, you just have to go to headphone Split Cue and turn ON and OFF again. Both speakers will work again. You do not have to close the app every time. I usually just leave the app in the background when not in use. When I’m in my car and the blue tooth reconnect, i just turn the spit cue ON and OFF again.

I’m not sure if my car remote will work with DJ 2 in AUX mode. . As I got the Iphone just for this Day2 app and it stays in the car. It’s sad the Android version of Djay 2 is not up to par with the Iphone version.

It’s 5 months already and they still haven’t fix this problem. This is a problem when I connect to any bluetooth device. When it reconnects, you can only hear one speaker. any updates?

Have you fix the problem yet? I have been getting the updates but this problem has not gone away yet. I have to turn on and off the “split output” everytime to fix the issue.

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Ever since I upgraded to IOS 8.2 , I can only hear one side of my car speaker when blue tooth reconnect to the car stereo. I Know this is an app issue as I have the same problem with 2 other cars I connect. I have no issues with other music apps like the Itune player. Algoriddim needs to fix this issue ASAP.

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This has been a problem for over 6 months ago every since the IOS 8.3 upgrade. I posted this issue 6 months ago and yet it’s being ignored. Algoriddim are awre of this issue and yet they have not done anything over 6 months. Everytime the app reconnect when you’re in the car, only one side of the speaker works. I know this is an app issue as I tested this with 4 other cars and it’s the same problem. Other people report the same issue and yet there’s no updates on this issue. The only mickey mouse fix to this now is to turn the “split cue” off and then on again for both speakers to work again. Are you listening Algoriddim?

Whats the news? It’s been over a year and it’s not fix yet.

27 days ago…any update Adrian? I am having same problems as Tommy on my iPod Touch!

…and does that work when you close Djay and open it again later?..or do you have to go into the settings and turn on/off " Headphone Spit Cue" for it to work again? Thanks for your help with this…really appreciate it!

The only thing is a bit annoying to fiddle with in the car when the ignition is turned on or off :frowning: also can use my Aux in feed to the stereo as an option …thanks for your help; I thought at first there was a problem with the stereo!!..then I see the headphone split cue in settings…a hah. There we have it!
I hope DJAY2 people will fix this soon…

Hi Tommy,

We are already aware of this issue! Our team is still investigating…
We kindly ask for your patience. We’ll fix this asap!

You’re right, the problem hasn’t been fixed, yet. Rest assured though we’ll be looking into it.
I’ll keep this post updated!