djay 2 iphone - can't lock it to landscape mode! any way to do it?

i need access to BOTH turntables, allways!
BUT as soon as i hold the iphone in a more vertical position, only one turntable will be shown.
it should be possible to hold the iphone in a more vertical mode WITHOUT a switch to one-ttable mode!
any idea how to LOCK into 2 TURNTABLE-MODE? no matter how the iphone will be hold?
i couldnt find any SCREEN-LOCK feature in the settings menu.
locking the screen in the iphone, while djay2 is in landscape-mode has no effect!
thx for your feedbacks :slight_smile:

You can’t lock an iPhone in landscape mode, only portrait.

If you put the phone into landscape then lock the rotation by swiping up, the phone rotates the screen back to portrait even if you keep the phone horizontal.

The moral of the story is keep your phone horizontal; it doesn’t rotate the display until ~> 50o from horizontal!!

What are you doing with it when dj’ing to make it rotate back !??! :sunglasses:

I’ve just spent 30 mins playing with this. I cannot get it to lock any app in landscape. I have an iPhone 6 on the latest version of iOS. It doesn’t work for me. Every time the lock is placed, it flips back to portrait regardless…

(Later) I apologise. We’re both right!! What I said is absolutely true but as you say, holding the phone in landscape and locking the rotation with the swipe menu and if you ignore the fact the phone seems to switch back to portrait when the lock is applied, when you open Djay, it does indeed open and remain in landscape. Well done!! Job done!! :sunglasses:

Nope. That’s not right. Once it’s locked, it’s locked. Will upload a vid myself… :sunglasses:

Did you read my edit above? I got it working as you said and it stays working…!! :sunglasses:

THX SO MUCH, cory koss! perfect solution!
as you say: FIRST: lock rotation on iphone AND THEN: start djay2 :slight_smile:
shure: it will stay permanent in landscape-mode, but for me that’s perfect :slight_smile: best, roland >>>> ps: there is just a little problem: as soon as you change app, going back to djay will set djay on portrait-mode PERMANENT! so landscape is not possible anymore (when screenlock activ). i think this could be perhaps a BUG! algoriddim: any idea? djay should memorize the setting (land/protrait) and rebuild the screen when getting back as it was…!

What worked for me is to lock the rotation via the iPhone bottom swipe options. Enabling that caused djay to lock landscape mode.

Try opening DJay after you lock the screen

you have to lock the iPhone rotation before opening djay. It locks djay in landscape. I have an iPhone 6 and it works every time. If you lock after opening djay, it will lock djay in portrait.…

Here is a video of the steps I followed and you will see it definitely locks in landscape. I hope it helps.

Turns out if you change programs and reload djay the screen will lock in portrait. Basically restricting you from leaving the progra, to start another.

Sucks that it doesn’t work for you

:frowning: missed it