Djay 2 not allowing tracks to Sync

Hello, I have run into a problem. When Djay 2 analyzes tracks, sometimes it does it at double or half the actual BPM. I then have to change the BPM by pressing on them and putting half or double.

The problem is, these tracks then do not sync correctly. A video link is attached.

So I had Cruise by FLG that should be 75BPM, it was analyzed at double that, so I halfed it to 75BPM I then closed the app by double tapping the home button and swiping up. When I open Djay 2 again and load the track, it shows lines as if it were still 150 BPM, and won’t sync. I then have to restore the BPM to 150, then half them to 75BPM again then they sync just fine.

Here is the video:… (sorry for my less than stellar camera work)

Gets annoying to do that every time

iPad 4th Gen
iOS 7.1 (but it happened before this update)
dJay 2.2.2
Over 60 GB free on the iPad

Hi Jerod,

Thanks for making the video.

I just tried the same steps with the same songs and wasn’t able to reproduce the error.

Did you quit the app right after you halfed the BPM?

Hmm. OK, I’ll keep trying. If you can think of anything else that might help, please pass it on.

Don’t worry, if you sync your iPhone then it will get all your previously set cue points instead of “deleting” them.

But after that, whatever is synced last will “win”.

Warren, thanks for the reply, No, I did not quit right after I halfed it along with many other tracks, (and it happens to more than just that one track) and it has happened since.

I started noticing it doing it, when I turned on iCloud - Share Song settings, it never happened before I flipped that switch.

I just did halved two more tracks that had double BPM’s, Best I Ever Had by Drake and Dance (A$$) by Big Sean.

When I closed out the app and restarted it and loaded them again, right away, they were fine, still halved with the correct beat grid.

This makes me wonder if it gets messed up when I sync over iCloud. Can’t try that right now.

How does that work anyway? If I have 2 iPads or and iPad and an iPhone, I set cue points on the iPad and sync to iCloud. Then I Sync up my iPhone to iCloud, should I get all the cue points, or is that the latest sync, so the next time I do my iPad it will take the iPhone info and I will lose my cue points?