Djay 2 not running on Asus Me302c Memopad

On my ASUS MeMO PadTM FHD 10 (ME302C), the Screen freezes when i start DJAY 2, can you please help me, i have installed all Updates and Firmware.

Hi Jürgen,

djay 2 for Android requires a device with an ARM processor and is not compatible with your Memopad.

There are numerous Android tablets out there so it will be difficult to put together a list. What about “Nexus 10”?

Der Warren, thank you for your quick reply, can you recommend me a 10 " Tablett which works ?
May be there is a Hardware list ? regards Jürgen

Same problem for me with an Asus ME302C. Will you add support to intel processors soon? I don’t see any restriction when i buy the app. Play store says that the app is compatible with my tablett and release notes don’t tell me more informations about the processor compatibility. Regards.