Djay 2 not splitting audio with lightning to hdmi iPad Air

I have tried numerous times, the menu doesn’t pop up like the support section of your website says, nor can I find in the menu. I have both the headphones and the hdmi hooked up to the tv before opening the app. I am using the lightning av chord, iPad Air with osx 7.1 and the most recent day 2.

Hi Timothy,

What happens if you connect the HDMI and headphones while the app is already open?

If possible, can you please make a video recording showing the setup process? Thanks!

When I attach the hdmi it actually just freezes the app. It doesn’t even display to the tv like it did when I had it attached before opening, tv just goes blank. Then I can’t do anything in the app, I have to exit it.

And obviously I meant iOS 7.1 0_o

im having the same issue. please address this problem please