Djay 2 on ipad3 with IDJPro, having pre-cueing issues

some quick details. in my room, I have speakers hooked up to my Idjpro through channels 1-2 using the red/white outputs. I use an ipad 3 with the latest ios7 update with djay2 on the latest update aswell. when I load a song on my other deck to cue it up, I press the little blue headphone button and no sound comes out. I have the pre cue gain up enough to hear like I was able to before, but now, no matter what I do, I can’t get any sound when I pre cue! anyone have the same issue? am I maybe doing something wrong that I don’t realize? some help would be super appreciated!

Hi Andrew,

Have you tried restarting djay and/or the iDJ Pro? Is the master output working properly? What is your Audio Devices setup (tap the gear icon)?