Djay 2 - Option for disable crossfader & Snap to beat function

Can we have the choice to disable crossfader - For if mixing with a controller and using the channel faders, so to stop mishaps of crossfader accidently moving and affecting the sound!

Can we also now get a snap to beat option - Now we have beatgrids and waveform, this would make setting cuepoints easier and faster

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your feedback. We generally don’t make any promises but rest assured that we take all requests into consideration.

Can we get these 2 ideas implemented in the next update?

Snapping the marker to the nearest beat when setting cue points would save so much time trying to line it up exactly manually, which at the minute is quite fidgity

Also please implement cross fader disable, it’s takes away any issue with knocking or moving the cross fader accidentally when mixing using just the channel faders!

Any chance at all of these being implemented?!