djay 2 playes NO mp3 files

my new Samsung Tab E SM-T560 (Android 4.4.4) can not play mp3 files. It plays all mp4 and flac files.
Every other application can play my mp3 files (VLC), only djay2 can’t play it.
My Galaxy Tab4 SM-T235 and my S7edge also play my mp3 files correct.

Any idea?

Hi guys,

thank you for your post.
Please make sure that you files are playable within your Google Play Music application. If this is the case please contact us right away via

Lukas E.

me too! Solutions?

I invite support to make more efforts about this app because it lacks of a series of features and the actual ones don’t run correctly!!!

Sort by BPM!!!
Choose songs to play by folders too!!!
Autoplay!!! from a playlist

Correct Sync!!! It’s faulty!!!

Thanks a lot for your efforts in advance!



Yes, me too. My Samsung TAB E plays all my mp3s with the “Google Play Music”, with “Cross DJ” und with “Edjing”. But not with DJAY2. There is instead of the waveform a yellow line only. mp3-waveform is not calculated. Tracktime is shown, play cursor moves while playing but there is no sound - just silence. Transform mp3s in other mp3 formats constant/variable/other resolution - nothing works/no solution. Only change them to wave-format: Now waveform is calcutlated and the songs is played (with sound).
Please help. Support is already informated.

Thanks Jörg

SOLVED !!! Unbelieveable !!!

My Samsung Tab E won’t play mp3 files, but wave and mp4 files::::::::::

So simply / Crazy.

Today I rename the ending (.mp3) of one of my mp3s in mp4.

And ------->
That works. Only rename the ending. Without changing the format !!!
Now I’ve manually renamed 10 .mp3 files into mp4 files. Thats it.
Now I need a tool for my whole library. Or can you debug your prg. soon?

Hey algoriddim, that cost you a couple of beers !!!