Djay 2 - Request For Enhancement: Sampler in loop in sync

Djay 2 has a great sampler feature, yes, but it actually misses a very very important feature going with that sampler! => The ability to make it playing a sample in synchronized loop.
Without that functionaliyty, it is simple, your sampler is just not useful. Your sampler should really not just be here for pressing on deeejaaaay or bip bip or waf waf buttons!
Your samplet feature MUST be here for inserting an additional bass drum (or kick etc.), played in a loop and synchronized with the beat of the played song on the selected deck A or B.

Then this enables us, as users and djays, to create new sounds!

This function is available on the excellent Deckadance for Windows from Image-Line for instance.

I too dream of having a good looping 4/8/16 bar sampler . Next update ?

Totally agree. Really hope this will be implemented in the next update. I rarely bother with the sampler at all, although it’s nice addition. But It would be astounding if sample looping is added.
Btw really happy with new update , just wish had sample looping.

The sampler as is is really just a Micky Mouse feature.

Is algoriddim planing this feature. Without midi-clock there is no way to sync outgear. Besides reloop removed aux in and the DJ-808 only works with serato.

This is a very important feature that should be implemented.

This idea is done by Rekordbox and probably many more. Would be nice to have this feature. Like all your features, but this is definitely missing…