Djay 2 resets beat information after syncing

So, after updating the the newest version of djay 2, I lost all cue point and BPM data! I just finished analyzing each track last week just to lose the data this week…

this also has happened to me twice since i update to IOS7. very frustrating. it seems whenever a new playlist is synced in itunes, it wipes out all the bpm data? is there a solution? workaround? please help.

Did you delete the app before downloading the latest version? Or did anything else change in your setup?

The issue with lost cue points should be fixed with djay 2.2. Did you perform the “fix” as posted in the corresponding forum thread?…

However, the issue with lost BPM data is still being investigated. iTunes shouldn’t normally generate new iTunes Persistent IDs when syncing with iTunes (unless you delete and re-add the songs).

Can you please see if you can reproduce this issue?

This has already been fixed with djay 2.2.2. Please download the latest update and this shouldn’t happen again.

This should be fixed with the latest update: djay 2.2.2. Please download the latest update via App Store > Updates.

Please kindly send an email to our support team so we can troubleshoot the issue: support(at)

Okay, I just lost the BPM rate of over 3200 songs, for what is now the 4th time. I simply added 20 songs to the library yesterday and after synching, I discover I have once again lost what has taken me 2.5 years to build.

IPad 2 32G Wifi 3G

  • nothing has changed on the IOS side, working with 7.0.4
  • did not upgrade to the latest version of DJay

Warren can you re visit this please. I have lost all of my bpm and cue point info for the second time know. Seems when i sync my ipad with itunes on my pc after adding a new playlist, djay2 loses all the analyzed track info. Ipad2 7.0.2 latest djay2 software. Itunes

Let me first update itunes to the latest and see what happens

Same issue happened to me with the first generation app. All my BPMs are gone and none of the songs appear to be loaded. All I did was update my IOS software. I can’t re-load 3400 songs – it took me MONTHS to do it the first time. WTF???

I didn’t delete it, but I suspect that all third party apps gets deleted and re-installed during the upgrade process in iOS. That might cause this, but I don’t know and would love to hear more from a more knowledgeable person (like Warren) :slight_smile:

Hi Warren,

I have DJay for iPad. In my Info tab, it says I have version 2.2.2 but it still deletes my cue info, key analysis, beat info, etc. every time I synch with iTunes. Really annoying - am I doing something wrong?

OK I just have