Djay 2 Spotify Login Failed via Facebook


I am unable to login to my Spotify on Djay 2 for my iPad Mini. I have updated the app to the latest version and have updated my iOS to the latest version as well. When I try to login to Spotify using my Facebook login, I receive an error saying “Log in Failed cancelled”.

Can someone help me with this?

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Hi Chris,

we could not reproduce your issue by logging into Sptify with a Facebook-linked account. Have you tried re-logging via 
Settings -> Library -Y log out of Spotify?

Also have you checked if the right Facebook account is being displayed after selecting Facebook Login?

Thank you.

Lukas E.

Hi Gien Hutchinson,

we are sorry to hear that. Have you tried logging out of Spotify via the library? Also could you please send us a video of the freezing iPad via

That would help us tons, thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Glen Hutchinson,

we are happy that your problem got solved. But apparently you are able to be logged into one Spotify account with several devices. 

So could you help us reproducing your issue? You said you could not log out of Spotify is that right?

Lukas E.

I have the same error after updating to iOS 9.3.2 recently. Also my other iPad is running iOS 9.3.1 and the screen freezes when using Spotify through Djay pro which I have to kill the app and start over. What is funny is that when using the Numark idj controller the controller still works but the screen is still frozen. Also the buttons in the app work while the screen is frozen.

I have the same issue here as well, for me I noticed after I updated to iOS 9.3.2

Unfortunately, I cannot log out as Djay Pro had originally said that it couldn’t connect so I logged out at that time to reconnect thus hoping Spotify would issue a new token. Any thoughts?

I will send a video of it crashing, cheers.

I logged out of Spotify through the Djay Pro app on my other iPad and it now lets me log back in on the iPad that it wouldn’t work on. I guess you can’t be logged into Spotify through the Djay Pro app on multiple devices. Maybe this should be looked at and fixed in the next release. Cheers.

I have also tried another way to get this thing to sign into my Spotify that is linked to my Facebook account:

Set Spotify Device Password

  1. Go to Account Page on Spotify website
  2. Select Set Device Password
  3. Get Username in digits >> Click “Send Email To Get Password”
  4. In the email click to set password >> Set my password
  5. Go into Djay 2 >> Open Deck Options and select Spotify >> Click Login to Spotify
  6. Enter in Username (Digits from account page) >> Enter in Device Password previously set

I see the same error as in the above screenshot. When I go to the Deck options button it puts me in the Spotify deck but there is a loading spinner and my playlists do not load. And when I come back to the app I am still not logged in.

Please Help!

Is anyone out there to help me with this issue? I would like to use this app as I paid for the different FX packs as well

Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the reply Lukas.

I have tried to login to Spotify from the Djay 2 app with no luck. That is the error I receive when trying to login via Facebook. The option to log out of Spotify is not available as I haven’t logged in successfully.

Should I log out of Spotify on my other devices and try logging in through the DJay 2 app on my ipad? I only have the Djay 2 app on my ipad so I guess it is worth a shot

@Glen Thanks for the solution! Had to log out of my other devices and now i can log into the DJay 2 app. Thanks a bunch