DJay 2 Sucks on iPad Mini

No matter what I do or how many times I download my freakin’ songs ftom iCloud, this piece of shit won’t PLAY anything. Cough! No such problem with the desktop DJay Mac app, which I use all the time. VERY disappointed in DJay 2 for iPad.

Hi Dale,

Sorry to hear that. Please provide more information so we can better assist you.

  • Which djay 2 version do you have?
  • Which iOS version is running on your iPad?
  • What exactly happens when you try to load your songs?
  • Can you play the songs with the Music app?

Try the following:

open the Music app

go to “Songs”

find one of the affected songs

swipe your finger on it from right to left and hit “Delete”

tap the cloud icon to re-download the song

then try playing the song in djay

By the way, Dale, we’re here to help. There’s absolutely no need to be confrontational and inappropriate. Jerod is a fellow djay user who just wanted to help out and your reaction is quite uncalled for.

Have you even tried it for one song? Because if it works then this means that something went wrong when you first downloaded it and that’s why it’s not working with djay.

And if it does work, there are ways to download entire playlists or even your entire library without having to do it for each song. I just suggested it to check whether this even solves the problem.

I’m very glad to hear that. Don’t worry about it!

How much did you pay for that App?
$20? That’s my daily intake of food.
I have an idea, hold the DJay app on your home screen on your iPad until it wiggles with the little “x” on it.
Then delete the DJay app. Then unsubscribe to this community and Every one including you will be relieved.

You seem to be having a problem that absolutely nobody else has, as far as I can tell from reading the forums (I’m a user of djay for iPad, not an Algoriddim employee). It’s also far more likely a problem with iOS than djay.

So you make vague threats that you are going to write a bad review on your crappy little website, and call someone trying to help you (providing far better support than most software companies) a “little btch.” Yes, I bet you are quite the leader of the people who is going to expose the horrible software and terrible customer service here. If only a single other person had experienced this, they would see themselves… but you’ll show them. Oh, you’ll show them. *fist shake*

Stop getting your Affliction t-shirts in a wad, work with the people who are making a genuine effort to help you, and you might find this software as good as everyone successfully using it does.

Flattering to be called “kid” when I’m about to turn 40. I must look much younger in the picture than I actually am. Thanks, you’ve made my evening!

I’m sure I’ll still be a know-nothing punk ass in my 60s, and I get cranky, too, obviously. Peace.

Do you by chance use iTunes Match? Because iTunes match can be played in the music app without downloading into iPad, but the songs will not play in any DJ apps unless downloaded to the iPad.

  • Which djay 2 version do you have?: 2.5.2

  • Which iOS version is running on your iPad?: iOS 7.1.2

  • What exactly happens when you try to load your songs?: Message:
    “Track not available - The track cannot be played because it is not downloaded from iCloud. Please download the track in the ‘Music’ app by tapping the iCloud icon next to the track.”

  • Can you play the songs with the Music app?: YES

Ok, the answer is yes… BUT you’re not giving me a solution. What’s the solution dude? I’ve downloaded several tracks that won’t play. I told you that. This is some kinda bs.

ps… I’m writing a review for our website, but I’ll wait to see if you people have anything to offer but more questions.


Are you kidding?

Your “solution” is useless. ALL my songs are affected. None will play. There is no way I’m going to do what you suggest with hundreds of tracks, which means that my review stands… DJay 2 Sucks on iPad Mini!

By the way, Warren, you say “Get emotional! Describe how this topic makes you feel…” below the reply box, then, you go thin-skinned like a little btch when people do exactly that. There was nothing inappropriate or uncalled for in my response. I am a customer who spent my money on YOUR software. This is MY thread and I am only interested in official support and REAL solutions.

I am also a web developer run quite a few music/dj related websites. I’ll be happy to take my experience and opinions to the people and fellow DJs directly.

Unfortunately, I probably jumped the gun and got abrasive because I originally bought the iPad mini with DJay 2 in mind. But, we are exploring so many other systems, and our massive library goes far beyond what we have on iTunes, so we’ve kinda moved on. Still, I’ll look back into it and let you know. If this is not an issue for anyone else, feel free to close this thread. Thanks Warren. -DL

Hey kid, I was spinnin’ records and makin’ people dance on the streets of East Oakland while you were in diapers. I published the hottest DJ magazine ever put to press in the 90s and our reviews drove lots of business. I never EVER bought anything that has to do with Affliction (what is that, something that rattled your brain?). And our websites win awards and pay the bills. Go hijack someone else’s thread, since you obviously don’t have anything else to do other than beat off. Wad.

Well, its like I said. I got about 20 years on ya and still goin’ strong, but I do tend to get a little cranky. Yeah, your pic makes you look like a know-nothing punk ass in your 20s. Glad to make your evening if that’s all it took. Cheers!

If the shoe fits. Myself, I know FAR more than I ever wanted to, really, and recall getting called a punk ass once… then I knocked the guy out. Like everyone, I’m certainly capable of being a jerk, and the feedback (with all its attitude) in this thread is clearly of my own making. Ciao.

Hey Warren… just an update:

The iPad Mini was formatted to some degree at the shop we acquired it from. After a reformat, DJay 2 on iPad Mini is freakin’ *astounding* … a true masterpiece! We were amazed at the functionality, resources and available enhancements.

A bit embarrassing to be such a PITA. Any reviews we post will show some love. Sorry for the attitude out of the gate.


And what has this got to do with the topic?