Djay 2 Suggestions for the next update

Greetings! Just bought and tested the New djay2 App… I like it - but here is a urgent Suggestion for
The next Update:

When I use the search Function it is not Possible to sort the results (as for BPM and so on) - this already wirkend in djay1 - please quick Update!!!

And unfortunately the Effects still sound crappy… Sad!

I agree with Gary, there should be an option to type in the exact BPM value on top of the tap option. Also, the effects are still ‘harsh’ meaning that when I use flanger or phaser for example, it overrides the song quite a lot.

Hi Gary!

You are right, you can organize the Library and sort them through BPM and Other Parameter …

But if you use the magnifying Glass (search Function) there is no possibility to sorts the results via BPM … That already used to work in djay1.

I have all my Songs tagged with the Key, because i do a Lot of harmonic mixing and this sort Function is quite a Big Deal for me!


Hey Marco,

Just got a hold of DJay 2 as well. Great stuff! I’m hoping for the ability to type in a specific tempo of have a tap tempo in addition to the tempo slider.

In regards to your post, I found the sort function you were looking for. You must first get to a list of songs, either by choosing a playlist, or artist, or whatever; once you see a list of songs, you’ll see both an Analyze (YES!) and a Sort button. In there you’ll see the ability to sort by BPM, artist, title, etc.

I understand you cannot do it thru search function, but a little organization in your library will go a long way here.

You guys should add more fxs and find a way for the iPad to wirelessly connect to a computer to also use it to mix music when it’s connected to the idj pro