Djay 2 using IDJ Pro problems

First off I love these Djay apps 1 & 2 and because of your apps I got back into being a Dj. I had always hoped programs like yours would come around and we could do cool stuff with all the music in our IPhone / IPads. I have both apps and also have a Mixdeck Quad and just bought IDJ Pro because I liked the new features and got a really good deal on it. I have been using Djay 2 everyday since it first came out and have noticed some flaws that I hope you can fix. When beat mixing I find myself constantly having to reset the grid to get the songs to sync correctly. Also when I go to my Music library I can’t see the album covers and this important because its an easy way to find songs I’m looking for. One thing that is cool with Djay 2 is when I go to select a new track it’s in the same place I was before but when I use the Idj Pro knob selector it sends you back to the top of the menu or sometime crashes. Can you look into fixing these flaws? I also have a recommendation that I’m pretty sure everyone using Djay would love. I also have an other Dj app that has a pretty cool feature that would be awesome if you had it. When going to select your next track it actually has a list recommended songs to go with what you are already playing. Your app it way better but that feature was impressive and it’s from a well known Dj software company. Starts with “T” if you need a hint. Thanks for putting out awesome apps!

Hi Luis,

Thanks for your feedback and support.

We’re currently looking into the issue with the app crashing in combination with scrolling in the library with iDJ Pro. 

About the artwork: Is “Show Artwork” enabled in the “Library” settings?

I also have the same problem with the track menu sticking!
Ipad3 ios6 djay 2.1.1

Yes it is but the cover only show for a few of them.

I also noticed this is only on the IPad. It works fine on the IPod and iPhone 5.

I am having issues with Djay 2 and Idj Pro as well. My only problem is that when selecting a new track the iPad sticks on my library screen and will not go back to my mixer view until I shut it down and restart the app. This only happens every once in a while but, I have a wedding to dj in a month and I’m scared to use 2 until this is fixed. I’m practicing on both 1 and 2 in hopes that this is a simple bug fix

Love the DJay 2 upgraded features, but the loading of tracks does seem to be very buggy with iOS 7… at least on the iPad.

I too am experiencing the load track menu sticking… Sometimes it will not let you cancel out unless you actually load a track…

The biggest issue I am facing is that about 30% of the time, tracks will not even load… I get an OSStatus error -43. It’s random too. Not always on the same track???

FYI, I use iOS 7 on an iPad 2.