Djay 2 + WeGo 3 + Android = Bad sound

I have a WeGo 3 and i’m using Djay 2.
When i’m using my iPad or Laptop i have no problems, it works very well.
But when i’m trying my Android (S6 Edge) everything looks ok, i got the Pioneer logo within Djay, and all functions works, but it sounds terrible.
I bought a new GTO Cable, which should (what the dealer said) be ok.

Do you have any idea what could be wrong?


I have a Note 4 with the same problem and I especially bought the Wego3 to be able to use it with dajy2 on android. What’s the problem?

How can you build an android app that isn’t compatible with the world’s most popular android phones??? When will this be fixed? Some users have spent a fortune on controllers assuming it would work and now we find out it’s not compatible. What a joke!

You’re right, for a few devices, this problem occurred to us, too. We’ll be looking into this… Thank you for telling!

Any news regarding this?

Any news on this ? Same problem here with my Samsung Note 4…

I have Note 4 with same problem as well. just discovered it last night when plugged into USB and controller.

Wish Algoriddim would give us some sort of status update on this. You guys still experiencing the issue as well?

Seems were not going to get an answer on this one unfortunately guys. Djay2 seems to want nothing to do with us. I tried again this weekend for shits and giggles and still robot audio. Fix this crap already

Any news on this Adrian?

Yes I Have the same problem, connects and works but sounds like a robot? Any more info on how to fix this?

Same problem for me too (S6 Edge)

Hi there,

we are very sorry but still the Samsung firmware is not able to communicate with external sound outputs appropriately.

Our apologies.

Hi bucky,

we know this is frustrating and want to apologies for this. We are working constantly on improving our application, but at the moment we can only guarantee a 100% flawless communication with external controllers with vanilla Android devices like the Google Nexus Series. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
Lukas E.

I ́ve got the same problem on 2 android devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (No sound at all)
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (Stuttering Audio)

Any suggestions to solve the problem?

same for me , no sound on Galaxy Tab S 10.5

same for me, Galaxy Tab S2 with Pioneer wego 3…

Any news??? same problem, Galaxy Tab S2 with Pioneer wego 3…

Samsung galaxy S7 -> same problem

WHY IS THIS pROBLEM NOT SOLVED.this post is 1 Year old. I do have the same Problem Note 4 Android 5.1.1 Djay 2.2.4 wego 3 - real bad Sound!!!