DJay 2 weird type issue


When I type in the search field the second character is not registered more than half of the times… this is fixed by typing slower… but typing slower is not an option in the heat of things… it’s only and ALWAYS just the second character… For example if I want to type in Bowie, it comes out as Bwie and no songs are obviously found.

It would also be nice if DJay was smart enough to understant that if I write cant I might mean can’t, for example…

And make the keyboard dark already!

PS - please continue developing DJay 2! Or even better make a DJay 3! I don’t want DJay Pro…

Yeah, have noticed that lag too. Appears to be the search kicking in after the first character is entered. Very annoying.

I should point out I’m using DJay Pro on iPad Air.

I do agree about keeping DJay 2 up to date.