DJAY 2 (when in AUTOPLAY) sometimes replays the same songs. Can u TWEAK the pgm so the same song doesn't repeat ti DJAY shuts down & resets?

I was wondering if it’s possible to tweak future updates so that any song in a playlist that already has played in AUTOPLAY can be excluded from playing again…that is, until DJAY is shut down & the checkmarks are reset. I’ve used DJAY (in AUTOPLAY) for a family party recently, & I found that some songs that have already played were played again. It was a little embarrassing for me, as I couldn’t give anyone a good reason for it. I would think that any songs already played that have a checkmark could be triggered to not play again. I would think that many people who use AUTOPLAY have experienced this quirk. I love DJAY 2. PLEASE HELP DJAY TO BE THE VERY BEST IT CAN BE!!! It’s just about the BEST mixing program that I’ve seen so far. GOOD WORK!!! Thanks. Have a GREAT day!!


There is an option to remove played tracks. That prevents them from being played again for me. Maybe try that?

Another problem is that if you have a playlist running automix and you put songs i queue, your autoplay will now play the songs in the queue and forget about the songs in the playlist.

Thank you very much for the feedback, Michael!
Do you refer to tracks outside the Queue?

I’m only referring to songs being played in the AUTOMIX mode. Sometimes the same songs replay a second time. I was wondering if the program can be tweaked to temporarily remove songs that were already played so you don’t hear the same song again. Of course, after you’re finished using DJAY & you shut it down, the program will reset itself & you’ll start all over again. Hopefully I’ve answered your question.

Thanks for your reply. No, I haven’t added any songs to the queue. I just run AUTOMIX, using ONLY the songs in my playlist. The problem is that AUTOMIX sometimes replays songs that it already played & I don’t know how to get it to only play songs that it hasn’t played yet. Remember, I haven’t added any songs to the queue, so the queue isn’t causing this problem. ALL they have to do is tweak the AUTOMIX program to know not to replay a song it already played. Is it possible to correct this problem???

I agree with you. I normally live DJ events, however, I have a small Martini party coming up with like 30 people and since I’m making the drinks, I cannot mix drinks and music live at the same time. So I created a playlist of like 80 songs. I’ve been listening to the automix of that playlist and low-and-behold the automix played maybe 12 songs 3 different times! What in the world??? I find it odd that automix can’t tell when a song in the playlist is flagged with a red check, and then simply ignore the track.

In this instance, I’m wondering if the queue feature is the way to go. I just don’t know if it can run randomly…