Djay 2 wont detect My Ipad/iphone on my DDJ Wego 1

I recently got the WeCai cable to connect my iPad mini or iPhone 5s to my DDJ Wego. i did update the firmware on the wego to the newest firmware and that didn’t fix it. ive tried the free version and the paid version of iPhone version and iPad version the app and it wont recognize it. Halp?

I didn’t use the camera adapter. I have the newer ipad with the lightning connector. Im using the first gen ipad mini and iphone 5s

From my experience, the lighting camera kit does not work for that purpose (at least on iPhone 6 Plus), while my older camera kit (30pin) does work. Quite strange isn’t it ? Can anyone confirm this ?

Do you have the official lightning to USB Camera Adapter from Apple?

You still need the Camera Adapter, there’s one for lightning as well.