Djay 4.0.6 when modifying MIDI mapping, new actions ADD to existing instead of change

I am trying to map my Midi Fighter Twister Controller to Djay on iPad OS.
The Twister is beeing recognized. There is also a internal configuration ready, so i cannot start from scratch but need to modify the existing mapping file.
When i want to assign a new action to a knob, the new action is added to the old instead of exchanged with it. So if i want for example change LowEQ to HiEQ, the result is, that rotating the assigned knob changes BOTH actions, Low and Hi as well. This is constantly with any action i try.
I reset the twister to factory settings. I moved the djay app to trash on the ipad and did a new install.
I dont know where the integrated midi mapping file for the twister comes from? It might work, when i start with an empty map from scratch? (i have an aturia beatstep, when i plug that in i can edit the midi from scratch, and it works as it should).

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Hello @filzer ,

Thanks for posting about this here in the Community and welcome!

To set up your DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Twister with djay for iOS, please follow the steps you’ll find here (please note that a PRO subscription is required for this to work).

For a detailed explanation of the Twister mapping, take a look here (Mapping Explanation).

Hope you’ll find this useful. Cheers!

Hi Cam_A - thank you for your message. All the advices from the pages of your links i already had tried. I did exactly like that.
The problem still exists, though. I cannot change an action for a knob - the new action will be added to the old action, so turning the knob will result in both actions old and new happening.
Maybe there is a problem with the settings file? In a way that the old settings dont get erased but added to the old.

Ah, nevermind. I got answer from support, and could solve my problem.

For every knob in the mapping, there are two actions programmed, i have to get rid of them first. that works.

regards, philipp

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Hello @filzer ,

Thank you for following up.

Genuinely glad to hear the Support Team has helped you with this!


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