DJay 5.0.1 crash when renaming song title

in DJay 5.0.1 when I double click on the song title to rename , as I’m typing about 3-4 words Djay suddenly crashed.
I’m on Catalina 10.15.7

Thank you.

Hi @Donn, can you please submit an official support request through the djay app under Settings>Contact Support and include the full crash report by cutting and pasting it into a text file and attaching it to your email? This will better help us to troubleshoot your specific issue. Thanks!

Hi Slak, where is settings and crash report located? I’m on macbook pro
10.15.7 .

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Hi @Donn, you can also access crash reports on Mac following these steps:

  1. Open “Console” app from Applications > Utilities in Finder
  2. Select “Crash Reports” in the side bar
  3. Find any crash reports for djay Pro

Please send them to referencing this forum topic. Thanks for your help!

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