DJAY 5 - Songs will not load from my library

I hope you are working on this issue.
My songs will not load from my library or playlists.
Many hours and days were spent loading almost 10,000 songs into my library.
Please respond and PLEASE help me continue to be able to DJ with your software.
The songs played fine before the update, so I’m not sure what the bug fix will be.

Hi @djmontyb, to help troubleshoot your issue, please provide more details:

  1. What OS and version are you using?
  2. What version of djay Pro are you using?
  3. What music source are you using (Tidal, Beatport, SoundCloud, mp3 stored on device, mp3 stored on external drive)?
  4. Do you have an active paid subscription for djay Pro?

Hi Slak_Jaw

  1. iPad (9th Generation) iPadOS version 17.2
  2. DJAY Pro version 5.0.3
  3. MP3s imported from Dropbox and iCloud
  4. Full Access to Pro (Monthly) $7.20

Thanks for the info @djmontyb.

  1. Please log out of your djay Pro account,
  2. Close djay Pro and
  3. Perform a Forced Restart of your iPad Force restart iPad - Apple Support (CA)
  4. Launch djay Pro and log back into your djay account.
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Also, Cannot successfully import new tracks into library from Dropbox or iCloud.

Error messages now appear when trying to load new tracks


  1. Please also log out and back into you Apple ID, Dropbox and iCloud accounts.
  2. If you are using a VPN, please disable it as well.

Performed all steps as instructed. It’s still the same. Some tracks load and some don’t. Same error message “Could Not Load track-operation not permitted”

That’s all I can think of to try. I’ll have to forward this to the engineering team to see if they can reproduce the issue and troubleshoot it further.

Can you please capture a video of this issue, upload it to your Dropbox, enable the appropriate sharing permissions and share a link to the file here?

Also, in the meantime, can you please submit an official support request directly through the djay App in Settings>Contact Support? Thanks.

Thanks for your assistance. I also changed my subscription from monthly to yearly. Thinking maybe that would make a difference. I sent the support tickets right after the DJAY pro 5 upgrade 12/10/23 and another one on 12/19/23. My library worked great until the Upgrade to DJAY Pro 5 :frowning:

I had similar issues using iCloud and sometimes on internal iPhone, iPad drive. In the end I upgrade my iPhone so has1tb of space. Solved the issues now mainly. If any do get greyed out or don’t load I simply delete and re add. Not ideal but system works for me. I have 19,000 tracks for events which are now locally stored on Mac, iPad and iPhone, all with 1tb of storage. Pretty expensive work around. To be fair I already had the iPad and Mac and my iPhone was due an upgrade.

@Slak_Jaw are you not on holiday? If so why are you replying? :crazy_face:

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Thanks for the info @Dysfunk_DJ. Appreciate it. Yes, I’m on holiday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hi @djmontyb,

Could you try updating to djay v5.0.4, available in the App Store now, to see if that resolves this issue?

Happily awaiting your reply. Have a good day!

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I assumed it updated automatically like it did when 5.0 was released. I did go to the APP store and updated to 5.0.4
Released 1/22/24

Still the same issue. Some songs load, but most do not.

Again, all songs loaded fine before the 5.0 update

Loading new music from Dropbox is virtually impossible and super frustrating. It crashes a lot and is very unstable. Please fix the bugs

Hi @djmontyb, I’ve heard back from the engineering team.

  1. Can you please confirm how much storage space is remaining on your iOS device? If you are running low on space this can cause issues as iCloud and Dropbox may automatically remove local files to save space.
  2. The engineering team recommends that you also:
    a. Delete the Dropbox app.
    b. Reboot your iOS device.
    c. Reinstall the Dropbox app.
  3. They have also suggested that if you want a 100% guarantee of local file availability that you should copy the files to your device manually or use iTunes. If you use iCloud or Dropbox there, unfortunately, is no certainty that the files will remain locally on the device as this is not controlled by djay.

I hope that helps!

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Hi Slak_Jaw, I hope you had a great vacation. Thanks for the response, Here are some photos of the space remaining and storage used on the iPad. I did delete the Dropbox app, I also wanted to let you know I didn’t start using the Dropbox option until it was available on DJAY Pro. Prior to that the only import option was iCloud. So my library is mostly imported from iCloud and probably the last 6 months from Dropbox.

Hi @djmontyb, my vacation was great thanks! Thank you for the additional information - looks like drive space isn’t the issue. I’ll forward this all to the engineering team to see if they have any other ideas.

Hi @djmontyb,

I checked with the engineering team. Unfortunately they don’t have any further suggestions, apart from just copying the music locally to your device. The File picker UI is a system component and they don’t have any control over its behaviour and integration with iCloud and Dropbox.

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