Djay (Algoriddim) meets Mixdeck (2-Channel Universal DJ System)

I just recently purchased the Numark Mixdeck and have (Algoriddim) Djay as my main DJ program on my MAC and I love the program and DO NOT want to use anything else…

My Djay program recognizes my Mixdeck when I plug it in, yet doesn’t work hand in hand. Is there any way to map or set this up to make my life easier where all the controls are ready to go? I know that some mixers come pre-mapped for different DJ programs.

This is my first mixer and I am new to this ANY help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!!


I get the message “No Device Found:” when I go to MIDI config for my Numark Mixdeck.

Hi Eva,

Thank you very much for your support.

To map your controller, simply launch djay, connect it and then click on “MIDI” → “Configure…” on the menu bar.
Now, all you need to do is basically push the buttons and select a corresponding action in djay.


Hi nflion,

can you give us further informations about your setup, how are you connecting the Mixdeck to your Mac?

Lukas E.

Hi Veiko Esken,

unfortunately the Mixdeck is not supported by djay for iOS.
You can find all supported iOS controllers here:

Lukas E.

Hey Jo,

the mixdeck 2 is natively supported by djay Pro.
All you need to do is connecting the controller and accept audio device setup window.

I have a basic mapping for the mixdeck (2 channel) if you are interested. Just give me your email me and I will be happy to send it to you.

Hello Lukas,

I just found out about Algoriddim Djay program for iOS and have a question in same area…

I own Numark Mixdeck ( but I don’t own iPad yet - I’m willing to buy it (air 2) just for that djay program… only thing is that I need to know if it will work with my numark mixdeck…

Now I understand that it’s quite old for a MIDI controller and I have to map all the buttons (thats fine), but have u guys ever heard anyone successfully use djay program with numark mixdeck and did it work fine?

I would be grateful for any info…

Can you send it to me too? Thank you so much.

um, me three!… Thanks in advance

can you send it to for the mixdeck express?

Can you please send me the basic Mapping to me as well this is my email

just purchased a mixdeck to, would you be willing to forward the mapping to

Someone has recived the mapping? Not me!

If someone has received it, can he send it to me?

Can you please forward me the mapping at I would really appreciate it. Love the controller and djay pro!

could you please forward me the mapping at I would really appreciate it.

Please do!

Me please!

Help Please! Thank you