Djay analyzing tracks that were already analyzed before.

Djay analyzing tracks that were already analyzed before.
Problem with this is if Djay analyzed a track incorrectly, I need correctly edit the beat grid manually. If it was only 1 track, not to big a problem. But considering I would have to correct 1 track an ALL my devices (Manual grid correcting doesn’t cloud on all devices, only cue points). To have to correct grids in a large number of tracks on multiple devices once is time consuming enough. But after clouding, Re-correcting all of them again is a problem.
If You click this link.
You’ll notice that the track in this video which refers to the problem above is running DJay Pro for Mac. The track already has an END cue point.
This could only have been set on Djay Pro for Mac, not an iOS device.

Hi Lucas,
If that’s the case then why do I have to re-correct the beat grid? I set to analyze an entire folder which had about 100 tracks. Say about 15 of them had wrong beat grid set. I had to correct them on all devices. Now I set an automix session on the Mac that was screwed up because those scattered 15 songs’ beat grids were messed up again. This sets me up for failure if I can’t guarantee that the beat grids are where I need them to be.
I appreciate your teams hard work that never ends.

I have to correct the grids in all devices.
Even the iPad, I have to correct all incorrect grids on DJay 2 and DJay Pro for the same device. That’s just 1 device. Now on the Mac, Imagine doing that and later having the Mac on automix and noticing 2 songs transitioning wrong. Then looking at a song that I was sure I’ve already set up.
If you notice the video. The fact that cue points are there tells me that the grid (whether DJay analyzed it correctly or I corrected it) was correct.

Hi Lucas,
Here are 2 links.
1 is the iPad loading a track that had the beat grid already corrected and synced to iTunes many times already. the beat grid correction is saved.…

2 is the same track on the Mac who originally cued and corrected the beat grid.
beat grid correction was lost.
I’m not certain the the analyzing of a tracks beat grid is supposed to be clouded along with cue points among all devices, it never was the case for me.…

Hi Lukas,
Ejecting track on a Mac was a tip I didn’t know about. It instantly clouded Key and Cue Points. But the beat grid did not cloud. I have a video of this.

If Djay was never meant to cloud Beat Grids, I’m fine with what your team has to offer at this time. DJay never clouded Beat Grids for me, so I don’t even know if this is an issue.
But if DJay is supposed to save Beat Grids in Each device without losing the data, I guess this would be my issue.
On this video, it does also show the Mac an iOS Does analyze the tracks differently. This has always been the case for me on older tracks.

Also before I forget, I have older tracks that had live bands instead of midi controlled beats. The Mac does a better job analyzing the Beat Grid if the song changes its speed. If I set the Beat Grid at the beginning, and later in the track where the speed changes DJay will correct the entire track (on most of my songs). This is good news (but only if the data is saved).

Thanks again for the EJECT tip, this is huge for me. It is a perfect way to instantly cloud Cue Points.
Djay has come a long way, use it everyday.

Hi Lukas,

Think I may have found this bug.

1-Start by loading the same track on 2 devices that you know DJay analyses the Beat grid incorrectly.

2- correct the Beat grids on both devices. Now set your Cues on one device (to confirm clouding), Eject track.

What happens to me when I load that same track to the other device, the beat grid resets when clouding. The Cues show up and since DJay originally analysed the track incorrectly, that tells me the Beat grid was reset.

Hi Fred Perez,

please note that the quick analysis which you recorded in your video is not reanalysing the BPM value.
We implemented this to analyse the detailed waveform because this information made the metadata files very big if you have a large library.

Thank you,

Lukas E.

So even after correcting the Grids of the tracks, these corrections were not transferred?
Am i getting this right?

Lukas E.

Hi Fred Perez, 

i see. Have you checked the iCloud syncing troubleshooting FAQ for all your devices? Are Cue points being transferred between your iPad Air and Mac?

Also after adjusting your Grid, please “Eject” the track as explained in your cue point thread.

See if this is helping.

Lukas E.