Djay and macOS 10.15

Given iTunes is going away in 10.15 and being replaced by the Music app, will djay continue to work as it does with iTunes?

Djay reads info from the iTunes database including playlists created in iTunes. I am concerned that if the upcoming Music app changes the iTunes database in ways that are incompatible with Djay it will not function.

Any news on this?

Again, now that macos 10.15/Catalina has been released, what is the story with Djay working on that OS?

so, you can upgrade to Catalina, use the Music App and have it integrate with DJAY like the current iTunes integration? I am holding off upgrading to Catalina until we here 100% compatibility.

Thank you.

I am happy to report it works. I have not tested added playlists or modifying playlists, but it does work. I have noticed that the first time you launch DJAY, and click on the “iTunes” icon it DOES take a minutes to load the playlists etc…and the first song I dragged and dropped on a platter cause a brief “rainbow” wheel but then all work normally. I quit and restarted and repeated the above observation.

Further testing, the above still applies, but I did go into the music app and added a song to a playlist. When I launched DJAY it loaded the library as stated above, but the modified playlist did show up correctly.

Burning question over here as well :slight_smile:

What Will said. It’s all about the iTunes xml file.

I think we are confusing iTunes with the music app…iTunes has nothing to do with DJ it’s simply a place to purchase the music and then it’s transferred To the music

Hey all,

djay Pro 2 already uses the API.