Djay and midi mapping

Hi there,

I use an Allen&Heath K2 controler with the last version of the ipad (lightning port).

The K2 is recognised and I can use both channels (thanks to iOS 6).

I would like to use also the K2 for using some controls.

Can you tell us which channel, cc, …midi maping is required?

I know the K2 is not listed as a supported hardware but maybe by knowing what is expected to receive, I can go on.

Thanks for any info


Hi Phil,

djay for iPad does not support MIDI learn at the moment.

Hi Warren !
Any plan on midi learn for the future?

Will midi learn ever happen guys? Basically I have a controller (Numark DJ live2) that has no pitch slider so was going to add another controller via hub to control features I currently have no access to…the only way to do this is to acquire midi cc numbers for all in app controls or for midi learn to become available…please please…

Having cc numbers or midi learn would allow for so much performance enhancement.