Djay and Numark iDJ Pro - Problem with high Frequencies

It seems that I have some issues with my setup while djing (djay + numark idj pro, via cinch into a pioneer mixer)

it seems that something (don ́t know if the app or the hardware) really BOOSTS the high frequencies - when i start to turn up the volume on the iDJ pro (never more than 1/4, or it will get distorted) i need to turn down the heights on the (in this case pioneer) mixer - and i really mean TURN DOWN - and still, there are too much heights in the sound.

this is the third venue where i have experienced this, so i assume it is my equiptment…

Does anybody have the same issues? please report :slight_smile:

Hi Marco,

Which iOS and djay version do you have? Does this also happen when you’re not using the iDJ Pro?